The Treaty Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Another key topic of debate is scope in whether or not the treaty will address existing stockpiles. The reluctance of Pakistan, one of the major fissile material producers, can be traced to this particular issue. With the asymmetry nuclear arsenal concern with India, an FMCT that only covers the future prevention of the production of fissile material would seem to only benefit the nations that have an established stockpile. The FMCT, historically, has received support from the five declared nuclear states as well as the non-nuclear states of the NPT. This of course appears inconsequential due to the non-nuclear states already restrained from producing fissile material from the NPT and the remaining nuclear capable states having pre-existing stockpiles where producing future material is of no real concern. Achieving a world free of nuclear weapons will require the international community to address both the future production of nuclear material as well as the surviving stockpiles. The agreement on the scope of the treaty is critical to achieving multilateral support, but “need not be addressed all at once” and should focus on “what parties would accept at first.”12 Although an FMCT is not a short-term goal, the issue regarding nuclear security must be looked at an even broader view with any forward progress seen as one step closer to the ultimate goal, a nuclear weapon free world. “The uncontested minimum goal of an FMCT is a ban on future production of fissile material for…

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