Treatment Of Women In Antigone Essay

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In ancient Greece, there was often times an unfair treatment of women simply based off of because the gender they were born. This is portrayed in the play, Antigone, but it kind of bends the roles of women as well. In Antigone, women are seen as vulnerable little creatures. However, there are two different lights on women in this play, but in the end they are definitely looked down upon in their society. King Creon is strongly opinionated on his stance of the power of women. He says, “Die then, and love the dead if thou must;
No woman shall be the master while I live” (lines 522-524). Unlike her sister, Ismene does not stray far from society’s roles that have been built for women. She often talks about how women are not meant to be doing the
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They are seen as beings with either no feelings or with too many. They have too many to go out and fight unsympathetically, however they have no emotions when it comes to hard tasks their husbands tell them to do. They are treated as if they are inferior to men. It is especially apparent in King Creon that this is true. Ismene even says, “We are only women, we cannot fight with men, Antigone." (Lines 46-47).
The women are being brainwashed into thinking they cannot do things men can. This is completely unfair treatment. Men are told they are the strong ones and are worth so much, women on the other hand, are being told they cannot do things. It is implying that they are not worth as much as men which is ridiculous considering what Antigone has done. Now I know you might think that since Antigone is the main character and accomplishes so much, they are not portraying women as weak. In fact, they are showing a strong side to women. However, the fact that they needed her to break through the gender roles and get a surprising reaction for what she did is showing women are generally weaker and less capable than men. Majority of the stories back then are of heroic men, which low key can mean women are not capable of what they are doing. This story stands out because it is a woman doing something men would typically do. So in the end, women are truly being treated as less in this story as well considering their own thoughts and others’ on

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