The Treatment Of The T4 Program Essay examples

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T4 Program
During WW2 Hitler did not only target the Jews but other groups as well. Nazis would target mentally and physically disabled patients living in germany and give them a good death (“Euthanasia Program”). The T4 program was Hitler 's way of eliminating the defects in the German race . Hitler and his followers would see the program as a way of cleansing the German race (“T-4 Origins,). The T4 Program, was the genesis for a lot of what would happen during the final solution; people should have stood up and protected the killing of the mentally and physically disabled in Germany.
The T4- Program was a program made by Hitler to get rid of anyone with a minor to severe disability. He spread FALLACIES so he could make the master race and “cure” Germany. When the war broke out it made the T4 program a must to the Nazi Regime and it allowed Hitler to put patients with severe and with very minor disabilities in killing wards (“T-4 Origins”). With all the killing not many know that gas chambers weren’t used just on the Jews .Even the gas chambers were first intended to kill patients in the T4 Program but were later used in extermination camps where they were put to the extreme and were improved so it can burn thousands within hours (Berenbaum). The citizens of germany should of stopped the gas chambers from being able to kill all the victims of the T4 Program.
T4 Doctors
Hitler wasn’t the only one committing the crime of killing patients, he needed help…

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