The Treatment Of The Prison System Essay

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The United States, known for its punitive approach to attacking crime, has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with an incarceration rate five times higher than the world average. Sweden, known for its progressive approach to incarceration, has a declining prison population with prisons and jails closing around the country. While this is just one of many factors to explain the huge discrepancy, the way that states treat individuals once they are in the prison system have a huge impact on a particular individual will reoffend. Many Swedish believe that the role of prison is not to punish, but to assist and to help the offender. This means that rehabilitation is at the heart of the approach of the Swedish prison model. While many prisons in the United States have cut services to help inmates, especially in the privatized prison sector, Sweden focuses on humane ways to rehabilitate the individual. The workers in the justice system in Sweden know there is a fair amount of understanding that the more they can do to help these people during this small window of opportunity when they are incarcerated are deprived of their liberty, the better the outcome will be for society in the end. Helping out with rehabilitation and reform does not just start out when an individual enters the prison system, it starts when they first enter court. In Sweden, community service, civil commitment, probation, and suspended sentences are highly favored methods of punishment as…

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