The Treatment Of The And Black Tree Mushrooms On The Loss Of What The Chinese Call

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person could result in the loss of what the Chinese call “face” of the family or village. Face is the psychosocial homeostasis of the person. By interrupting the homeostasis of the psychosocial norm, the face is lost. Because these illnesses are so highly stigmatized, the problem becomes that these people are much less likely to seek out help and treatment for fear of the shaming that may ensue.
The first nursing diagnosis that could relate to the Chinese culture is deficient knowledge. Deficient knowledge comes into play with the use of the alternative healing techniques and herbal remedies mentioned before. The knowledge deficit is related to the use of the cupping, coining, pinching, and acupuncture due to the fact that all of these could impair the skin integrity of the patient, and therefore introduce the patient to infection. The nursing diagnosis of knowledge deficit would also be related to the use of ginseng and black tree mushrooms for healing due to the interaction these could have with some medications that the patient may not know about. A nursing intervention for the knowledge deficit would be to first and foremost assess for cultural self-care practices. “Folk and home remedies may interact with medications and treatment” (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014, p. 507).
A nursing diagnosis to address the communication barriers that may be seen with a patient of the Chinese culture would be impaired verbal communication. This clearly would be related to the language barriers…

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