Essay about The Treatment Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician-Assisted Suicide which is also known as PAS has been a topic that has been highly debated for years, it gives patients in critical medical conditions the right to end their lives. Many people think that PAS and euthanasia are the same, while both actions include medications in lethal doses, Physician Assisted Suicide is when a doctor makes a patient’s death less difficult by providing him or her with a lethal dose of medication such as barbiturates or a combination of medications to allow the life ending act or to refrain the patient from receiving treatments that are used to prolong a terminally ill patients life. The physician lends the knowledge but the person does the act. While, euthanasia is when someone actually administers the medication to the patient to fulfill death. In an article by Aaron Kheriaty, he presents a situation about a 29 year-old woman named Brittany Maynard who wanted to end her life due to her illness of stage four brain cancer but couldn’t do so where she currently resided because it wasn’t legal. In order to fulfill the act she had to move to another state where it was legal and ended her life by using Barbiturates that her doctor prescribed to her. After this event took place it created some thought to legalize assisted suicide. California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and Rhode Island just to name some of the 12 states that have tried to legalize PAS several times have failed to do so. Many have considered how Maynard’s death…

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