The Treatment Of Mentally Ill Offenders Essay

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The Treatment of Mentally Ill Offenders
There is a major issue with the mental health treatment in our society. With much of America increasingly being diagnosed with a mental illness, it is still a much stigmatized disease. It is estimated that one out of every five Americans have been diagnosed with a mental disorder ranging from mild to severe. Yet, the extent of therapy and support programs available for the mentally ill is considerably insufficient. Deinstitutionalization ultimately had a negative impact on our society and was responsible in criminalizing the mentally ill. It is essential that adequate care and rehabilitation be provided and made more easily accessible in the community to ensure the health and safety of the mentally ill as well as potential victims of violence in the community. Deinstitutionalization was the closure of thousands of state psychiatric hospitals around the United States. This movement started in the 1950’s, in the hopes that the communities would be able to provide a substitute mental health care system. The government insisted that by the community providing this service they would be able to save a great deal of money and that the individuals suffering from mental illness would be able to receive a more humane treatment. While some intellectually disabled people highly benefited from this shift and were able to receive more humane care within the community, the majority of severely mentally disabled individuals did not. The severely…

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