The Treatment Of Indians By Las Casas Essay

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The Spaniards came to the New World in hopes of finding gold. Once they get here they realize there is not any, and the Spaniards realize they are going to have to work in order to survive and make money. They quickly force the Indian communities to work for them. The treatment of the Indians by the Spaniards was unimaginable and explained thoroughly by Las Casas who was a Dominican priest against this treatment. Religion played a major role in the treatment of the Indians and also later on in the Pueblo Revolt. Along with treatment and religion, freedom plays a role in the lives of the Indians. Different views of freedom are expressed throughout the Spaniards rule over the Indians. Las Casas explains the view of freedom from an outsiders view before the Pueblo Revolt (1528) and Josephe who was an Indian during the Pueblo Revolt expresses his view of freedom then (1681). Las Casas’ view of the treatment of Indians was described in horrendous detail. The Indians did not have freedom. They were held in captivity like animals. The Indians were not viewed as people; they were viewed as beasts tied to a rope. They were the Spaniards slaves. The Spanish decided how the Indians would live and controlled their every move. The Indians are not use to working as hard as they were. They often got very ill because they were not accustomed. This was not enough for the Spaniards to give the Indians rest. The Spaniards did not believe they were sick and continued to beat the helpless…

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