The Treatment Of Drug Abusers Essay

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The treatment of drug abusers has been a controversial topic for decades among policy makers. There are those that stand on the rehabilitation side and others that side with criminalization and incarnation of users. With both sides of the spectrum being developed and tested out, there has not been a concise way that fully solves the issue. The side of criminalization has led to increased amount of users being incarnated which eventually destroy their chance of having a better life later on in their lives. The other side of the issue leads to inconsistent results, with some people being rehabilitated and others fall back into the same hole they were in before rehabilitation. The research by Johann Hari in the video Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong on TED Talks gave a different perspective on the entire issue of substance abuse. A key component of Johann Hari’s research was his belief that the people that are drug addicts should rather be embraced than shunned. Since the beginning of time, there has been the mind of punishment whenever a person did something that was considered delinquent in society. Over time this mindset has become fully developed in the laws and personal belief of most members of society. Which is why Mr. Hari spoke of how hard it was for him to switch from the mindset of punishment and isolation to finally embracing and showing love. There were many factors that contributed to the research such as personal witnessing the effect of…

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