The Travellers : The Traveler Dilemma Essay

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The Travellers Dilemma
I grew up hearing stories of my father waking up at 5am to walk five miles in the scorching heat or blistering cold to school every day and back. My grandfather was unable to afford the provision of higher education to his four children. He could only afford to send one child; my father was the lucky one. Unlike my father, my mother was not so lucky. My mother grew up in a house where women should aspire to be wives, not career women. As such, before she even graduated from high school, at the tender age of eighteen, driven by a cultural and social fuelled norm, she was married off to my father. A skilled baker and artist, the abrupt halt in her education and subsequent thrust into motherhood obstructed her path to a career. Due to her own setbacks, my mother always feeds my intellectual curiosity and is a motivating force behind my ambitions and hard work. As a result, the upbringings of my father and mother are critical in the role they play in my future. As the eldest and only male child, I am expected to act as a role model and guardian to my ten and three year old sisters. Every decision I make is seen through their discerning eyes and this has developed my sense of drive and commitment to set an example for. I was born and raised for the first half of my life hopping around different cities in the South of Pakistan to Muslim parents. A relatively under developed country at the time, there was a constant sense of danger due associated with…

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