The Traps And Values Of Assumptions Essay

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The Traps and Values of Assumptions Chapter two of the textbook and the corresponding lesson begin by discussing assumptions. It is a rather freeing discussion in a society that seems to equate assumptions with ignorance and place both squarely in the negative column. There are several concepts that I will be able to utilize from this lesson. The idea that value conflicts, both internal and external, are often at the root of disagreements can help to shift my approach to situations and interactions. I will be able to better understand the ways in which I prioritize choices and make decisions. I will also be able to evaluate what I may accept based on nothing more than personal traditions. In one of the posted videos, noted skeptic and author, James Randi makes a humorous point about how we all make assumptions. While I know that we all make assumptions, I have been inundated with the belief that making assumptions is troubling and leads to misunderstanding and hardship. It helps me to understand that many assumptions are simply made out of a need to be mentally efficient. Our lives would be crippled if we spent the time to critically analyze every minute decision in our lives. To make an analogy similar to one of Randi’s, I assume the floor will be underneath me when I get out of bed in the morning. I also recognize how the need for mental efficiency can lead to making assumptions about things that are more complex than the floor beneath my feet. Being aware of how and why…

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