The Trap Queen Analysis

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“The Trap Queen” is a title of a song by Fetty Wap, a hip-hop rapper, and the song is about money, cars, and drugs. Fetty and queen African-American, who are too busy with life looking for money (Matute 1). They do anything they can to get the cash. Therefore, the two assisted by others members of the group are traffickers of drugs. After they get the money, they spend it together in clubs. From the video, one can see that Fetty and the queen are out to enjoy life. It is all about getting money and spending it in some of the most expensive places (Matute 1).
One of the themes a person can draw is how media promotes the issue of racism. This is the same thing demonstrated by Fetty Wap song. Notably, in all the place of its plot, it features
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The video talks about drug culture that develop in the urban minority where there are limited opportunities to make money (Mehak 1). The trap is where the drug dealers hide and conduct their business activities. Fetty Wap and his Trap Question are a team; they make money and spend it together. Everything that goes on in the song is about selling drugs and spending the money in the name of living a life. The song video shows a typical black American setting and raises the issue of racism. The main purpose of the video is to bring out the idea of the culture of the black in the American community (Mehak 1). Many of them have been associated with drugs, negative demonstration of female bodies. This is the same thing that Fetty Wap puts across in the video “Trap Queen” The video present a clear form of stereotype. Historically it has been known that the whites racially discriminates against the blacks; the video only accelerates the negative attitude the whites have towards the blacks (Mehak 1). The white people continue to accept this negative image and may be unable to distance themselves from their negative racial attitude against the black Americans. Furthermore, such representation of the blacks in the video allows the whites to hold the historical stereotype that the blacks are biologically …show more content…
Baartman is an evidence of this prejudice in London, she was treated like a freak exhibition, and her race was cruelly exploited. This brings out the issue of racism for some of the minority groups in the community. For example, Sarah Baartrman is displayed and revealed as sexual ‘freak’ in the community she lived in. Presentation of women in this way assists in constructing an image of intensified racial segregation. Both the video and the Baartman image managed to drive the construction of racism in the communities. They reinforce the notion people have about race and racism in most of the American communities as it transgresses norms and how the societies see the blacks (Mehak

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