The Transition Of Women Into Medicine Essay

1035 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
Introduction The transition of women into medicine, commonly referred to as the feminization of medicine, began with Elizabeth Blackwell who in 1849, was the was the first woman to earn a medical degree also making her the first officially recognized female physician in the United States ( Editors). Over time, the number of women in medicine has grown from 9.7 percent in 1970 to 47 percent in 2015 (Strasser) and this number is expected to continue rising. As remarkable as it is that women have been able to make such great strides in the medical field, it seems that the medical field itself has not made the necessary modifications needed to accommodate its rapidly changing demographic. Women have found it increasingly difficult to assimilate into the male-established career of medicine as they encounter many obstacles and experience personal stresses that do not equally burden their male counterparts. The purpose of this paper is to determine what exactly these barriers are, what factors may be contributing to them, and suggest plausible options for advancement. This paper intends to help the reader understand some of the issues women are currently facing within the medical community and showcase the importance of much needed improvement if we are to collectively progress in the coming years. In order to motivate aspiring female doctors, medical students, and practicing physicians, I propose that there be greater advocacy for the following changes:…

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