Essay on The Transition Of The Monster Between Chapters 11 And 17

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Explore the ways in which Shelley explores the transition of the monster between Chapters 11 and 17

In the beginning in Chapter 11, the monster is portrayed as an infant or a baby. “[He] knew and could distinguish nothing”, this demonstrates his lack of awareness for his surroundings mirroring the actions and mind-set of a new-born. They have no ability/are not alert of their capability to hear, see, speak and smell. As a result they are highlighted as vulnerable. At first the monster seems overwhelmed by the encompassing nature and landmarks. As he lay by the side of the brook, “[he] felt tormented by hunger and thirst”, at this point he is beginning to realise the basic needs and instincts that he requires in order to satisfy himself including the recognition of hunger, thirst and the importance of shelter. Furthermore he is represented as an infant/baby as he is described as being engulfed by darkness but then is submerged by light. This is an extreme contrast and opposition between them as there is between ignorance (darkness) and knowledge (light). The monster is in admiration of light as light reveals him but he despises dark as he becomes invisible. The darkness places him in isolation/solitude which enhances the sense of foreboding inflicted upon the monster by Victor. The darkness is a metaphor for the rejection of the monster. It also implies the absence of parental influence or guidance displaying him as a blank canvas (tabula rasa).

In addition knowledge and…

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