Essay on The Transition Of Humans And The Natural Environment

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The transition from hunting to agriculture is one of the profound changes in the evolution of human kind and the relationship between humans and the natural environment. A study of world prehistory shows that the transition of man from hunting and gathering to agriculture or food production was a not gradual process. It can be said that it marked a significant step towards property ownership (Pinhasi & Stock, 2010). The transition to agriculture is credited to the growing population, thus need to find an alternative source of food (Pinhasi & Stock, 2010).
The shift marks the sharp contrast that exists between the two phases of man’s history; this is before and after the commencement of agriculture. The two phases present a contrast of man’s relation with nature. Making use of the analogy of the Pleistocene hunter and gatherer population could be probably made. It seemed that the stronger the man’s relation would be the more stable would balance between the consuming population and the food resources. The man was in perfect balance with nature.
There have been studies of man’s shift from hunting to agriculture. According to De Condolle in 1880’s, attempted 245 cultivated plants about their environment in various parts of the world. Roth continued with the experiment. However, he did not examine the archeological information to reach the conclusion. According to Roth, domestication of animals was the first one to start then domestication of plants…

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