Essay on The Transition Of High School

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The transition from high school to college is marked by many changes in the lifestyle and environments of the individual. According to some lifestyle development theorists, one such individual could still be in the adolescent stage of development. At the age of around eighteen, Americans graduate high school and many move on to go to college. Most often, they attend a school away from home, and live on campus. This changes many aspects of life, and offers a lot of independence.
I grew up in a family of twelve and was homeschooled up until eighth grade. I did attend an all-girls private high school, but part of being from a big family is that your life is always tied to what is going on in the family. If someone is sick, it is expected of you to skip musical rehearsal to help. I loved being from a big family, but my graduation from high school meant I would, depending on where I decided to attend college, be independent from that lifestyle. I wanted to attend school out of state, and so in August of 2015 I moved from New York to Florida for school. It was a huge transition for me, but I feel like I adjusted quickly and very well.
Suddenly, I was responsible for solely myself. This was something that I never had before. I knew that I could take care of myself. But I always had younger siblings to take care of as well. Once I said goodbye to my mom, it was just me. I had no responsibility other than passing my classes and staying alive. This may not be what others think of,…

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