Essay about The Transition Of College Writing

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There are numerous amounts of ways to write a paper or essay and they are all different. In the book The Transition to College Writing, Hjortshoj suggests that making an outline is one of the most important steps in the writing process and it plays a big role in the organization of a paper. Hjorishoj believes that if an outline if not made, then the paper will not be as effective as it would be with an outline. Outlines help to keep the paper organized and help to make sure that the topic is focused on throughout the whole entire paper. Without an outline, the paper can easily wander off into other topics and the paper will get very confusing. The outline acts as the map for the paper and will show the writer where to go. He believes that when writing, it is always better to prepare than rather than produce. Taking the time to make an outline and prepare what is going to be said in the paper, rather than just going and writing it without any plan, will pay off according to Hjortshoj. I agree with a difference with Hjortshoj views on making outlines because when making an outline, time has to be put into it to make sure that is it an affective outline. If the outline is lazy and is not organized well then it will not be any help to the writer. Whenever I write, I always make an outline after I gather up all of my evidence. It helps so much and as painful as it is to make one; it ensures that the paper will stay on topic. I used to not make outlines and in return, my writing…

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