The Transition Of A Executive Digital Officer Position Essay

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Next, let’s take a look at the digital changes Nike has gone through. Nike has gone through many digital transformations just as we saw many of the technology devices they developed. Currently, they have come up with a new digital strategy that could change the world. In February this year, they released an announcement saying they’re “accelerating its digital strategy with the creation of a chief digital officer position.” (Low) This will be used to help reach their goal of reaching the 50-billion-dollar revenue expectation by 2020. During the second quarter of 2016, “Nike launched e-commerce sites for Canada, Switzerland and Norway” allowing it to increase the chances of sales in those areas of the world. (Low) They have also increased their e-commerce coverage into Mexico, Turkey, and Chile. These increases in coverages will help Nike to reach that 50 billion mark. In Elaine Low’s interview with Mark Parker from Nike, she learned that Nike is creating a system to where all of Nike is available to customers at all times. Through their apps, athletes are able to look at their workout history, various training programs, and access to shop Nike products. This is appealing, especially me, to a customer who is very active and always striving to get better. Having all of that data at your fingertips and easily available is impressive and encourages me to look at it. Personally, it creates a desire to work out when you see those stats and see that they are compared to your…

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