The Transition From Childhood Into Adulthood Essay examples

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Unfortunately, there is a time in life, when the human species is forced to undergo a metamorphosis of maturity and responsibility that can change a person for the rest of time. The transition from childhood into adulthood, is a tough pill for some to swallow, and men like Holden Caulfield almost lose themselves in the process. Mr. Caulfield makes mistake after mistake, due to the fact that he is trying so hard to delay the inevitable. In The Catcher in the Rye, the only published novel by the mysterious J.D. Salinger is a coming of age tale in which Holden, a 16 year old teenager in the late 1940’s, embarks on a journey in New York City, after being expelled from his boarding school. Holden Caulfield’s biggest character flaw is his impulsiveness. His immature decision making is first shown when he decides to attack his roommate Stadlater, and is left beaten up from it. It is also shown yet again when Holden decides to order a prostitute, which leaves him uncoincidentally beaten up again, and in a very emotional state of disarray. Worst of all is the fact that his impulsiveness leaves him wet, cold, and depressed on a central park bench, after a conversation with an old friend did not go the way he pleased. Caulfield tries so hard to be noticed, that it always leads him down a path of impulsive decision making. How can a man possibly enter a fit of rage over a girl who he hasn’t seen in years? It seems implausible, crazy even, especially when no wrongdoing can be attributed…

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