The Transgender Law Center And The Lgbt Community Essay

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The topic of transgenderism has improved a tremendous amount since the 1950s. From Christine Jorgensen, who was the first person to publicize her transition to female in 1952, to Minneapolis becoming the first city to pass a law prohibiting discrimination against transgender people in 1975. In 2002, the Transgender Law Center, which is a civil rights organization that advocates for transgender communities, opened its first office in San Francisco (Milestones in the American Transgender Movement, 2015). In the years 2008-2010, Stu Rasmussen was elected mayor of Silverton, Oregon, becoming the first openly transgender mayor in America and President Obama nominated the first openly transgender federal appointee, Dylan Orr (The New York Times, 2015). Most transgender people would rather live a secret life being afraid of society, the discrimination and possible violence associated with being “different”, but with the LGBT community constantly growing more and more people are coming out and being themselves.
Understanding the Terms
About seven hundred thousand people in the United States identify as transgender (Gates, 2011). With just about three hundred and twenty million people in the United States, and a good amount of people identifying as transgender, it is almost amazing how a very large amount of people do would you be able to answer the following questions without hesitation. What is transgenderism? What is gender? What is gender identity? Most would not be able to…

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