Essay on The Transformational Theory Of Organizational Leadership

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With the talk about the upcoming presidential candidates, it is natural to look back at some of our nation’s best presidents to compare them to. One of the best and most admired presidents the United States has had is Ronald Reagan. The National Review (2015) looked back at Reagan’s presidency and why the example he set is still relevant to today’s world. Reagan “led a great American comeback” by revitalizing our military and restoring citizens’ American pride. He understood what Americans care most about: family, home, and the future. He also understood his place and role as a leader, recognized potential dangers, and was adaptable to change. Throughout his presidency, he united, inspired, emboldened, and protected our nation. As a leader, he followed the transformational theory of organizational leadership and communicated through the emotional leader perspective. The transformational theory states that a transformational leader builds a relationship with his/her followers. This relationship helps both the leader and the follower reach their full potential. These leaders are role models; they exemplify what they hope to see in others in their own behaviors. (Miller, 2015). Ronald Reagan related to the American people. This was evident through his referring to citizens as “we” and showing that he shares the same values as the much of the nation. (National Review, 2015). By bringing himself down to the same level as his followers, the followers see him as more relatable and…

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