The Transformational Theory Of Leadership Essay

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styles. In contingency theory of leadership, the success of the leader is a function of various contingencies in the form of subordinate, task, and/ or group variables.
The transformational theory of leadership emphasizes that people need a sense of mission that goes beyond good interpersonal relationships or an appropriate reward for a job well done (Bass & Avolio, 1993). Transformational leaders can communicate their vision in a manner that is so meaningful and exiting that it reduces negativity (Leech, 2005). A transformational leader is defined as a leader who motivates followers to perform to their full potential overtime by influencing a change in perceptions and by providing a sense of direction. Transformational leaders use charisma individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation to produce greater effort, effectiveness, and satisfaction in followers.
Servant leadership theory is guided by the view that leaders should always be servants first. According to the theory, leaders should aim at placing the needs of their followers and the community before their own personal interests for them to be effective. As per the theory, the leaders are required to undertaken activities that have a positive impact on their followers at all times, (Dennis, Kinnzler-Norheim & Bocarnea, 2010).Greenleaf(2002) used the term to describe leaders who choose first to serve others and then to be a leader, as opposed to those who are…

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