Essay about The Transformation Of Women Through Space

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Growing up, gender was everything and it defined your life. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a boy. In my mind and in my sight they were superior, respected, and stronger. Looking back, I am not surprise. I grew up in a Patriarchal society where your voice cannot be heard. The motto “a lady should be seen, not heard.” It was not ladylike to speak loudly, to run, to shout, to play rough, and etc. When I heard the word feminism, I often thought of anger, pain, equality, women’s rights, notably the needs and wants of a woman. My definition of the word was most likely associated with my feelings towards being a woman. I wanted so badly to be a man. I avoided the conversation of one’s womanhood, I avoided anything related to feminism, and I thought by doing so, I would appreciate, or learn to accept my womanhood. Women’s studies are the transformation of women through space and time. Depending on the author, women’s studies are the roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society throughout time. It is where women transgress boundaries set by white supremacists. Impressively, it is more than women, specifically- it is a change for race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social class. Basically, if you do not fit in the tight box of normality, feminists represent you. According to Michele Barrett & Anne Phillips, feminism is a deeper bias beyond sexism. To start with, women’s studies are the destabilization of modern theory. Is there a cause for women’s…

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