Fahrenheit 451 Technology

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In our world today, technology is becoming such a big part of our lives. It has come to the point where people would much rather watch television or play on their smartphones instead of reading books and explore their own imagination. The book Fahrenheit 451 expresses the concept of technology taking over the world by burning books and erasing all ways of gaining intelligence in their society. As long as the people in the society do not break the law of reading books or gaining knowledge, they will not get killed. Ray Bradbury wrote this book to convey that technology is dominating society and can affect our world in a negative way if it progresses drastically. People can get addicted to electronics to escape the darkness of reality. Literature …show more content…
People get so caught up in the new gadgets and inventions that it takes away from the idea of reality. For example, Mildred has her eyes glued to their wall of TV screens every day, in which she considers the actors and actresses her “family” (page.44). The people in the society are unaware of how terrible their lives are since they ignore the gifts humans were given, such as intelligence and creativity. The earpiece Faber made for Montag was so he could hear everything Montag said (page.90), which represents the Bluetooth earpieces that millions of people use today. Faber realized that he “wanted something very small, something to talk to…nothing that could shout [him] down, nothing monstrous big” (page.132), referring to how technology, even something so small, can be a danger to our society. The Mechanical Hound was used to help the firemen hunt down Montag (page.137), just like how robots are used in factories, schools, and hospitals to make our lives easier. Ray Bradbury predicted the future in which technology would affect the society in both a positive and negative way. He portrays how the result of our society is leading to the destruction of family life and of people being less social, both due to

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