The Transcendnt Analysis

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In New Dimensions in Spiritual Understanding and Practice, it is suggested the transcendent will arise from “Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Transcendent Attitude” (Masters, Minister’s/Bachelor’s Curriculum 5: 23). This indicates that “Transcendence is seeing things as they really are” and that “Your attitude brings a response” (Masters, Minister’s/Bachelor’s Curriculum 5: 23, 24). This is further supplemented in “How to Practice the Power of the Transcendent Awareness in Daily Living” (Masters, Minister’s/Bachelor’s Curriculum 27: 8) with the guidance from Jesus that “He who loses himself, finds himself” (27:8) and “I am about my father’s business” (27:8, 9). The foregoing explains that to achieve the transcendent ones needs to: (i) …show more content…
When not in the transcendent state life must then be dominated by the lower self, wherein we surrender to the self-programmed habitual reaction to events and circumstances. In daily life, then, when we do not know what to do we look to others for direction. The lower self is always looking for the reassurance that all is well. When not established in the transcendent we can never come across the new for we are always clinging to the old. According to Krishnamurti, the transcendent can only be brought about by understanding that “meditation is the constant understanding of the way of life” and that this can only be secured by the process of observation (Krishnamurti 1968). He highlights the importance of observing the whole process of and the movement of life as the way to transcend the lower self and enjoin with the Self. He states that in order in order to engage in observation “one must be free to be completely a light to oneself. This light cannot be given by another” (What is Meditation (Truth and Actuality) 1976). The light that Krishnamurti speaks of is that of the transcendental Self. This light of the Self can only be reflected through the physiology when we let go of any ideas of who we think we are. This is essential for only through pure observation can our true Self can come forth

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