Essay about The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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In the creation of the Transatlantic slave trade, there was a popular feeling from both sides over the untrustworthiness of their allies and/or the slaves traded due to the dress, language, manner, etc. that the other presented as well as their pigment of skin. Throughout the slave trade, there was a need for co-operation to maintain the trade, to keep up with the rising demand from European colonies that needed labor for plantations. The slave trade depended entirely upon the relationship between African leaders to the Charter companies and private traders to achieve the numbers for the high demand for slaves that Europe called for. These demands pressed upon local African power systems to provide the numbers needed for slaves that served to aid the African economy. This idea of mistrust can be shown to originate from both the Europeans and the Africans, as well as shown by how the slave trade continued into the 19th century and by the aftermath of the trade, in abolitionism.
The idea of mistrust for Africans involved both European threats as well as threats from familiar people. Throughout the trade, African rulers proved very willing to sell captives from either warfare or kidnapping that would intern give a considerable profit for the kingdoms that traders dealt with. This created an environment that was incredibly insecure when they dealt with anyone outside the local community. It also created problems inside the community with the threats from family and neighbors…

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