Essay on The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

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The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database claims that around 12.5 million enslaved Africans were brought to America between the years of 1525 and 1866 (Transatlantic Slave Database). It is also estimated that out of the 12.5 million brought over, only 10.7 million were able to endure what is known as, “Middle Passage”. For 245 years those Men, Women, and Children worked as Slaves on large southern plantations for no money at all. Brutally beaten, whipped, lynched, and killed, if they tried to escape, or seek help. African Slaves single handedly were the backbone of America’s economy for those 245 years, and to this day, have not earned a single penny from it. To this day, the Black community is one of the most impoverished communities in the United States of America. Advocates for financial reparations claim that they are needed because descendants of Slaves are still some of the poorest and face more hardships than those whose ancestors were not Slaves. Without reparations, we as a country are not acknowledging our dark past. In the past Reparations have been given to the Japanese Americans, Holocaust Survivors, and multiple Native American tribes throughout the United States, so why not Black people? Reparations could go into funding things like programs that help get African Americans out of poverty or the money could be individually distributed between descendants. Reparations would also be a step in the right direction to actually addressing Slavery and its dark past,…

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