Essay on The Trans Saharan Trade Route

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The Trans-Saharan trade route was a land route with ancient connections to the Berber peoples for many centuries. The origins of the trade route begin at around 300 C.E., which define the first major signs of organized caravans of camels that were used to move goods across North Africa and to Europe and the Levant. The major benefit of this trade route was to avoid the dangers of sea routes and hostile enemies that at times made the Trans-Saharan trade route a dangerous, yet worthwhile method of making a greater profit. In this manner, the impact of this highly organized form of camel transportation provided a way for trade to be conducted by connecting different land regions of North Africa to other parts of the world: “The camel had an impact on this trade comparable to the very important impact of horses and oxen in European agriculture…Camels proved more efficient for desert transportation than horses” (McKay 274). In tis context, the camel provided a new way for a larger expanse of land to be traveled, which brought more goods and services throughout the world. These are positive aspects of the Trans-Saharan trade route that made it possible to exploit the harsh desert as an advantage in greater profits and greater dangers of trade in North Africa. The negative aspects of Trans-Saharan trade route were the obvious dangers of sand storms, dehydration, and the death of camels during the dangerous journey across the Sahara desert. Of course, the Sahara desert is one of…

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