Essay on The Trans Continental Trade Routes

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The period of 1000 – 1500 C.E. was a very tumultuous and transformative time, but as the world was changing, it was also coming closer together. The trans-continental trade, travel, and the exchange of ideas between cultures began to emerge as commonplace. Both the Indian-Ocean and the Sub-Saharan trade routes grew in popularity due to many factors, these factors having both positive and negative effects on Eurasia and the African continents. The interactions that occurred between peoples and cultures at this time didn’t only shape the way they perceived each other at the time; it also established the foundation of the relationships of the future.
There were many components the propelled the growth of the trans-continental trade, one of which was the stories of Marco Polo’ travels would take him through the silk roads, by both lands, and by sea via the Indian-Ocean. Polo’s well documented travels, although partly fictional, would get European merchants reading about the journey and get them excited for the exotic goods of textiles, spices, and gems that the lands between Europe and China had to offer. (Bentley 449) Polo’s stories also help promote the growth of trans-continental trade by acting as a guide for many merchants or travelers. Because long distant travel was also done by missionaries and diplomats, a merchant or traveler could use Polo’s book not only as an example of where to go and how to get there but perhaps also how to interact with the customs and…

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