The Trance Of The Piano Man Essays

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The Trance of The Piano Man

“Sing us a song you 're the piano man, sing us a song tonight.”

Here I am laying on my cot, listening to my one of my favourite songs. Whatever grievances I was still holding onto now seems like an insignificant speck; whether it be homework, exams or even my social life. The absolutely captivating words of Billy Joel are hypnotic, and before I know it I slowly drift asleep falling under the Piano Man’s trance.

I opened my eyes, disoriented and dazed; with no idea where I am or the people I am with. Each of my sense tells me their own interpretation of the story. With each breath, I smell the scent of smoke from a furnace keeping everyone warm from the harsh winter. I also pick up on a very distinct scent of stale musty beer. My ears tell me wherever I am it is loud and filled with people. I hear a variety of emotions, but their words are incoherent at the moment. In the distance past the crackling of the burning firewood I hear a very familiar jingle being played on the piano, but I just can’t figure out what the name of the song is. Now, I use my sense of touch. In my hand is a mug, inside of which I assume has something alcoholic. I was also able to feel the warmth of the furnace radiating onto my skin. However, every time the door opens to welcome someone new; I feel a gust of chilling air rush in. The only information my sense of taste gave me was the name of the liquid inside my mug, Carling’s Black Label Lager. Slowly, I open my eyes, at…

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