The Traits Of The Yuma Territorial Prison Essay

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The Yuma Territorial Prison has many particular traits that people who are interested in Yuma’s history should be informed about. The reason for this is because it has been around for many years, so there is a large amount of history involving it. Many events happened during the time that the prison was open, from 1875 to 1909, there were many changes made within the walls of the prison. The changes made were not just the appearance but also the rules and regulations. Throughout the years the Yuma Territorial Prison has been used for many different reasons such as a; prison for criminals, school for students, shelter for the homeless, and now a museum for people curious about our towns history. The prison was, and still is, a historically important place. However, not many people truly know how much has happened inside of the prison.

The Yuma Territorial Prison was not the biggest nor was it the sturdiest prison there was but it managed to stay open and successful for a total of thirty-four years. Also by the time the prison had closed down it had already held a total of 3,069 prisoners, and out of all of the people who stayed there only 29 were women. The prison only had a twenty-five thousand dollar spending budget for the construction needed to build the entire prison. That is one of the reasons the first seven prisoners that were brought to the prison, on July 1 1876, had the responsibility of building their own cells, so if they wanted a shaded place to rest they were…

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