Essay on The Traits Of Being The ' The Odyssey '

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The Traits of Being Human in the Odyssey
The Odyssey is the story of the journey of Odysseus homecoming’ or Nostos. The epic poem not only tells the story of a person’s journey, but also gives the implication of what it means to be a human. The contrast between what humans have and what the gods do not, gives the reader a suggestion of what makes humanity unique. Throughout Odysseus’ journey and his meetings with gods and other humans, the epic reveals the unique traits that belong only to humans. These traits are exemplified mainly through Odysseus and through other human characters to some degrees. The epic poem suggests that what makes the human condition different and unique in the world are humanity’s perseverance in a difficult situation, mortality, and self-restraint.
The most prevalent trait that applies to humans in the Odyssey is perseverance in difficult situation. In the epic poem, the only being that shows to be capable of perseverance in a difficult situation is human. Many characters in the Odyssey that explicitly show this trait are humans due only humans are explicitly shown to face difficult situations. Examples include Odysseus, Penelope, and the suitors. Odysseus is the one that clearly shows perseverance as he never gives up reaching his hometown of Ithaca. The epic poem shows multiple times that divine beings offer Odysseus deals that other humans would accept. One of the offers comes from Calypso, the nymph, who offers to make Odysseus immortal if he…

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