Essay about The Traits Of A Criminal

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The traits of a criminal are somewhat similar when it comes to each individual in many situations. In the majority of criminal cases, there is some sort of mental stress or illness involved. This is significant because mental illness is very dangerous to go untreated and it can cause people to believe insane things they are doing are acceptable. In the cases of pedophilia, involving Father John Geoghan, he had several criminal and psychopathic traits that led him to commit numerous accounts of molestation and rape. The most significant conclusions about criminal mind and behavior drawn from this case example are that criminals go after the vulnerable, have manipulative and controlling personalities, and also deal with mental instability.
The first assumption about criminal mind, involving the case of Father John Geoghan is that criminals go after the vulnerable. In the molestation and rape cases involving Geoghan, the majority of the victims were young and very impressionable. He went after very young males that had lower socioeconomic statuses. Criminals go after the vulnerable because they know those individuals are unexperienced in the situations and do not know whether it is right or wrong. This also makes it an easier target for the criminal. A possibility for some of the victims may involve the parents not educating the children enough on not being touched on the private areas. Father Geoghan also went after single mothers with no other male figure in the homes.

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