The Training For Energy Fitness Essay

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In chapter 14 it talks about the training for energy fitness. Your body continuously needs energy to power your muscle. Energy basically comes from the food we eat in order to become fuel for our body and this is distributed all over the body in order to create work. It also talks about ATP. Adenosine triphosphate is the only fuel a cell can use to contract muscle, build new tissue and transports minerals and waste throughout the body. This chapter also talks about the anaerobic system. I talks about Glycolysis which is the chemical process of breaking down glycogen to glucose and it also talks about lactic acid. Lactic acids build up and impede the force generated by muscle and impair coordination. It’s a pain, literally causing that burning sensation in muscle. The most common name for this is when you sore. The lactic acids in your body helps you from not getting sore and waking up in the morning and doing some form of exercise. The book also talks about the muscle fibers types in your body. We need to understand muscle fiber types because each type relies more on one of the three energy system and will thus influence your training design, so it is important to know what type of fiber you will need. What I also like is the chart on the side 14.2 because it gives you visual feedback on how much percentage you use aerobic and anaerobic when doing a activity. This chart breaks it down so you’re able to distribute your workout. Your body composition is something that should…

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