The Training For Customer Service Specialist Essay

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The main objective in "The Training For Customer Service Specialist" case analysis is based on the president 's initiative to remove barriers to learning."(Blanchard, pg 248) First and foremost is basically resolving issues relating to fines accumulated during the previous terms, such as "library fines, parking fees, and late fees." Second is accurately filling out forms to meet deadline for certain procedures, and lastly to be able to communicate the appropriate information required for each courses." (Blanchard, pg 248)
Although, in order to perform the mentioned other objectives were required. For instance, acquiring the Supervisory skills required to perform other tasks. Furthermore, acquiring the proper computing skills for word processing and spreadsheet application. I also want to add another imperative objective for the CSS training program is to be able to communicate effectively with others, problem solving and conflict management. To able serve in a supervisory stage all these objectives are tied in a matter of providing the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the task.
If I was assigned the challenge of designing agenda I would necessitate as follow:
 I would allocate a period of three to four weeks to focus on:
• reading
• writing
• interpreting skills
 I would allocate a period of two to three weeks to focus on:
• Computing skills
• Basic Arithmetic
 I would allocate a period of three to four weeks to focus on:
• Communication skills
 Verbal/oral

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