The Train From Hate By John Hope Franklin Essay

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John Hope Franklin tells a story of something that happened when he was only seven years old in the story of “The Train from Hate”. It involves Franklin’s father which had moved to Tulsa to be able to support his family, while John, his mother, and his sister had still lived in Rentiesville Oklahoma. After researching more into the story I found that Charles Haskins, had done a lecture on Franklin, explaining Franklin’s father did not feel safe with his family being around the racial riots happening in Tulsa at the time. I myself grew up in a town with many racial issues. One of the middle schools I went to only had three white people, I being one of them. My parents didn’t feel comfortable sending me back to that school after I was jumped and beat so badly. Racism along with discrimination is still thriving in the blood of our youth today. While history keeps repeating itself due to the ignorance of some of our elders that have passed hate down for generations.
At the young age of seven one would only hope that a child would never have to encounter all the evil the world is full of and do our best to shield them from as much as we can. After Mr. Franklin’s mothers encounter on the train regarding the race seating situation in front of her young children she did something I would think any mother would do and calmly leave the situation with her head held high. It’s was Franklin 's first lesson in race relations, he stated that his mother told him that the laws required…

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