The Trail Of Tears Occurred Essay examples

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The Trail of Tears occurred in 1830 when President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The Indian tribes were forced off their land and moved to Oklahoma. Thousands of Native Americans died on this trip. The white man hated the Indians; therefore, they forced the Native Americans to move. However, to understand the full extent of this hatred we need to look back at when the colonist first came in 1607 to establish Jamestown, Virginia was settled. We also need to look at the differences between the cultures that lead to misunderstandings. The Indians practiced rituals that were strange to the colonist. They had a ritual for most occasions for example a death or a marriage. The colonist did not fully understand why the natives did this. So, instead of learning about the Indian’s culture they became scared of it due to them not understanding it. Most of the hatred comes from the Indians not wanting to fully convert to the white man’s religion and they had the land that the white man wanted that was rich in minerals, which was good for farming.
In 1607, men from England come to America and settled in what would be called Jamestown, Virginia. They met a group of Native Americans called the Powhatan tribe. At first both the colonist and the Powhatans made equal attempts to civilize the other. Both groups of people tried to persuade the other to adopt the other’s way of life.1 Each group also had what the other wanted. The Powhatans wanted things like copper and…

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