The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus Essay

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“The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus”, the title seems to say it all. Dr. Faustus is a bright mind, no doubt, a man who studies everything from medicine to law. Yet Faustus is still not content with the life he lives. Early on Faustus believes he has a bigger purpose to accomplish before the Curtin is pulled down on his life. However, as the play progresses it becomes much more difficult for the reader to truly understand Faustus and whether or not his intentions are good or bad. As bright of a man as Faustus is, common sense is something the good doctor Seems to lack. Throughout the play there are three main aspects that seem to coincide with each other very well they are, temptation and the power it has over Faustus, trickery and how it 's not always humorous and finally regret and how it affects not just Faustus but others as well.
“Temptation” shows up early on in the play when Faustus is tempted to sign the contract presented by Mephastophilis. However, the interesting part isn’t that Faustus is tempted to sign the contract, but how Mephastophilis was brought before Faustus in the first place. This was no ordinary act of temptation this was temptation that Faustus went looking for. Mephastophilis was summoned by Faustus, when he conjured the spell “Sint mihi de Acherontis propitii…” (1,2,15-22). So the question early on isn’t why was Faustus tempted to sign the contract with the devil, but why was he so tempted to Summon the powerful Mephastophilis in…

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