The Tragic Hero Of The Iliad Essay examples

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Homer’s epic story The Iliad is one of the greatest stories told of the times during Greek civilization. Today, many of us have heard the story of the heroes from the Greek army, and the Trojan army, that fought bravely and perished during the war. Heroes come in all different ways based upon their own unique characteristics, their actions, and how they respond to the consequences of the world around them. However, most heroes fall into the category of either being a tragic hero, or an epic hero. After analyzing the characteristics that make up a tragic hero, the Greek warrior Achilles can be described as a hero that fits into this category. The path to death can almost be symbolized as a stairway when it comes to the story of Achilles. With each consequence of his actions, fueled by his personal characteristics, he takes just one more step closer to his doom. Every tragic hero, regardless of their social standing, possessed the trait of being noble in their own way. Achilles was praised for being the best fighter of the Greeks, and was highly respected by the rest. His presence on the battlefield was motivating to all the Greek soldiers, and the myrmidons would follow any orders delivered by him. Even with all the noble qualities that encompass the great Achilles, there is always a weakness of some type that can overshadow the greatness in someone. It’s even interesting to see how even a good trait, like being noble, can feed directly into a bad ones with the right…

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