Essay about The Tragic Hero Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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In many tragedies, the tragic hero is often brought to his downfall by his tragic flaw. This trend holds turn in William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth. More specifically, throughout Macbeth, the audience is demonstrated to a high degree that one’s heroic and admirable traits, which can contribute to great success, can also contribute to great destruction. For Macbeth, the tragic hero, his traits of ambition, manliness and bravery are among his numerous traits which led to his downfall. The trait which arguable was the seed of Macbeth’s downfall was his ambition.
Despite ambition helping Macbeth achieve great success, it also led Macbeth to perform a series of actions which crippled him. Imagine that Macbeth’s gradual fall from grace was a road which led to destruction. What started him on this path was his desire to increase his social status. Macbeth was not satisfied being Thane of Cawdor and wanted to increase his status of royalty, with the ultimate goal of becoming king. By following through with the murder of Duncan, and becoming king, Macbeth broke his morals. Not only this, Macbeth had sinned. At the time, social ranks were believed to be chosen by God. To alter what God had ordained and increase one’s social rank was considered to be a sin. By abandoning his values and going against what God had planned, Macbeth had begun a change in character completely opposite to the honest and just man he was. More importantly, Macbeth had taken his first step down the road to…

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