The Tragic Hero Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essays

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The Tragic Hero in Macbeth Humans possess the gift of free will and the ability to make decisions, yet it is the consequence of these choices that determine one’s future. The story of Macbeth by William Shakespeare tells the tale of a virtuous thane’s transformation into a ruthless king. Driven by his lust for power, Macbeth becomes king by means of murder, forcing him down a path of wickedness as his conscience continuously deteriorates. In this story, Macbeth would be considered a tragic hero. A tragic hero is defined as someone once destined for greatness, whose tragic flaw causes a fatal error, that leads them to a moment of realization right before their self inflicted death. Macbeth fulfilled these three criteria and the combination of these characteristics allows Macbeth to be deemed a tragic hero. First of all, a tragic hero must be someone of major importance, superior to others, and possesses heroic qualities. After his glorious victory over the Norwegians, Macbeth was perceived as a character of high importance and noble stature, an admired and honourable individual. He was referred to by King Duncan as “valiant cousin” and “worthy gentleman” (1.2.24), his contributions to Scotland were so great that the “swiftest wing of recompense is slow to overtake thee” (1.4.18-19). Even King Duncan couldn 't repay Macbeth for his valiant and courageous efforts. He made it evident that Macbeth has won favour in his eyes when he told Lady Macbeth that he…

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