The Tragic Hero In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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“To be, or not to be”
English poet and playwright William Shakespeare - one of the most mysterious and most brilliant figures in world literature and history. So far, there are persistent talk that Shakespeare was not the author of the unsurpassed tragedies, comedies and sonnets, which is read out people for the past five centuries. Until now, many of the facts of his biography are hidden behind a thick curtain of secrecy. Until now, fans of Shakespeare every year organize Shakespeare Reading, conduct workshops and conferences devoted to his work.
Shakespeare - created an entire artistic universe, he had an incomparable imagination and knowledge of life, the knowledge of people, so any analysis of his play is extremely interesting and instructive.
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Hamlet Shakespeare more than anyone else is typical in this regard. He speaks to us in a duel with the "unhinge the century." Of course, Hamlet can not afford to "restore it", but this can not be considered a hero, I think, defeated. After all, the death of the tragic hero is always hidden a bitter triumph over circumstances overwhelm him because it plays the role of the death of the explosion, if not destroy, the imperfect world-shaking.

The nature of the basic conflict of the tragedy explains its other tragic situations. In "Hamlet" tragic fate of Ophelia, who dies as a result of painful collision of conflicting feelings and deep in her soul. In his own tragic fate, and Laertes, noble, but it turned out at the behest of the circumstances on the side of evil forces. In the end, the hero was unjustly punished by death.

The deeper I get a grasp of Shakespeare 's great work, the more I admire them. The meaning of the work is revealed not only in his characters and situations. There is something in this tragedy, unexpressed words. It 's a special feeling, as if reading or watching the play on the stage, you are attached to the roots of

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