The Tragic Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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The American Civil War was earthshaking event for the United States, one that come to shape the country for decades and centuries. In the years following the bloody crucible, America would struggle to redefine itself as a nation, and seek to reconcile its values with its policies while simultaneously allowing itself to heal in the wake of so much fear and hatred. Both goals brought their own set of challenges, all of which were only strengthened by the sudden, tragic assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Without his uniting leadership, the country would limp into the latter half of the 19th century, drifting further and further apart as the polarization of the prospering north and impoverished south intensified. In the midst of this resentment, an old voice began to be heard with a new clarity: the voice of African Americans. Carrying the momentum of the Age of Reform and legitimized by the passing of the thirteenth amendment, these former slaves would, for the first time, have the opportunity to enjoy the recognition of US citizenship. Many knew, however, that citizenship was only the first step for blacks in America, particularly in the south where the enfranchisement of former slaves meant the disenfranchisement of their former masters. Following the reestablishment of state governments in the south, many of President Lincoln’s initiatives were abandoned to make way for a smooth transition after the war, ultimately leading to unofficial self-governance of the south.…

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