Essay about The Tragedy Of World War II

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during the time of World War II many people suffered the effects of war. Sadly during this time there was the holocaust, where the Jewish people along with the cripples, retards and those who were not German were put into work camps and were tortured and were forced hard labor on a daily. Because of a man named Adolf Hitler was able to start the Nazi party and turn the German people against Jews millions died, suffered due to this tragic event in history. But amongst the chaos, many Jewish people hid in secret bunkers holding on to dear life hoping they would not get caught. Many Jews kept diaries, documenting their everyday lives in hiding. Other Jews wrote books after being liberated out of the concentration camps. They wrote about their experiences, their feelings. Because of their writings it greatly impacts our society and reminds us the terror that we can cause to one another. We see the great faith in God and the hope for a brighter tomorrow no matter how bad their circumstances were. Both Ellie and Anne share two different stories, both beautiful and full of life lessons, we see in their stories how they lived their lives during the war and the struggles they went through as a holocaust victim. Because of these two authors, we are able to get a first persons perspective of what the war was like and how they felt about it at the time. We Are also able to visualize their everyday struggles and the life they lived with their families. Because of Anne and Ellie’s…

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