The Tragedy Of Willy Loman In Death Of A Salesman

Everyone has a life goal that they want to achieve. Some people succeed, while others either have an impossible dream or just fail at it. What do you do when you fail your goal in life? Sometimes people look at other possibilities, give up and remain a failure, and some even give up their life. Arthur Miller wrote about one family 's struggle to achieve Willy Loman 's dream to become a successful salesman. There are many factors why Willy Loman failed to achieve this, which ended in a tragedy. In Death of a Salesman, the conflicts of parenting, growing up, and being a typical American family led to this horrific tragic ending for the Loman family.
First of all, we have a family of four; Willy and Linda, and their two children Biff and Happy.
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A normal family is maybe four or five members of the family, and maybe a dog. The parents spend time with their kids and get along for the most part. The children do well in school and play sports. They go off to college and pursue their own dreams. The family may not be wealthy, but they are financially stable. The Loman 's had some qualities of the American family, but not all of them. Happy and Biff 's parents were not normal. They always yelled and argued and blamed them for not following Willy 's dream. Willy had no family to look up to. His father left as a child, his brother wasn 't around very often, and his mother had passed away. Willy didn 't have a very good family to look up to, so he couldn 't become they parent figure to have a normal family. Willy 's job was not one he was good at doing, and he was not happy doing it either. He wanted to make money, so he tried to force his kids to become what he wanted so they could help him out on his finances with the money they may make. Ben taught Willy to become all about money with the words he said. He said to Willy, "William, when I walked into the jungle, I was seventeen. When I walked out I was twenty-one. And, by God, I was rich!" (1451). Willy, focused too much on making money, that he lost track of his wife and kids. There was one time he decided to be unfaithful. He was away on a sale in another town, and he had an affair with another woman because he was lonely. Biff caught him, which caused their relationship to crumble. Willy ended up resenting that. Even though he was already unhappy, his affair and his fallen relationship with his eldest son began to deteriorate Willy. Linda discovered several suicide attempts, and flashbacks to when Willy was happy. This brought the family down. They were by far a typical American

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