Essay on The Tragedy Of William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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The tragedy by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, is based on the former Roman

dictator, Julius Caesar. The tragedy is about an ambitious Roman general who is on his way to

the crown and absolute power; however, that was a big no-no in the eyes of the Roman republic,

so Julius Caesar was stabbed by his officials- 33 times. The people loved Julius Caesar, but there

were many concerned about the future of Rome. Julius Caesar’s captains, lieutenants, and

tribunes plotted to kill Julius Caesar. The tragedy starts off by introducing Flavius and Marullus,

two Roman military tribunes.

A tribune by definition is: An officer or magistrate chosen by the people, to protect

them from the oppression of the patricians, or nobles, and to defend their liberties against any

attempts that might be made upon them by the senate and consuls. The tribunes were at first one,

but their number was increased ultimately to ten. There were also military tribunes, officers of

the army, of whom there were from four to six in each legion (Alchin, Linda, Roman Tribune).

The Latin word for Tribune was tribunus, which means tribe. The word seems originally to have

indicated an officer connected with a tribe or who represented a tribe for certain purposes; and

this is indeed the character of the

officers who were designated by it in the earliest times of Rome, and may be traced also in the

later officers of this name.

There are two characters, who are tribunes, in the…

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