The Tragedy Of The Titanic Essay

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Human beings often wonder what their fate is, whether good or bad, only time will tell. In the historic tragedy of the Titanic, nobody predicted the fate of the ship to be so disastrous. Tragic stories are told about how the Titanic sunk, thousands died for something they could not control. Many argue about the causes, misconceptions or implications on why/how it happened but all proof points to mother nature.
The Titanic has a rich history, overcoming many difficulties shaped the ship to what it became. Soon after March 31st 1909, work started on the Titanic (BBC 1). It took around 3 years to complete. In Belfast, Ireland the Titanic was manufactured by Harland and Wolff. It was a British ship (“RMS”3). Many people mistook the RMS Titanic ship for an American ship because it was owned by Americans. Royal Mail Steamer stands for RMS (Facts 1). That is the ship prefix used for seagoing vessels. Beginning its journey in Southampton, England, the Titanic then sailed to Cherbourg, France, and Queenstown Ireland. It sped west toward New York on April 10th (Main 2). This shows all the different destinations for the ship. In conclusion, the ship had a lot of history to its very core.
The makers of Titanic wanted to make sure the ship outlasted all ships, competition was high. $7.5 million was used to built the RMS Titanic (Facts 1). The ship took around two years and two months to build making it the largest passenger steamship. Around 3,000 workers labored. 2 people were killed…

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