The Tragedy Of The Lusitania Essay

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Lusitania During this time in my life, it was already extremely difficult to cope with things. The loss of my husband was always in the back of my mind. Knowing that he wasn’t here to help raise my son, John, was the worst feeling that I have ever felt. Now that it had been five years since the death of my husband, I realized John and I needed a new beginning. I live in New York City and have heard of the Lusitania many times by almost everyone. It was a buzzing topic that was popular among every class. Not knowing what it was all about made me curious and soon after, I decided I would board the Lusitania and travel with John to a new place. A new job, house, and a place to live would be a great new beginning for my son and me. It was a difficult decision to make, due to the fact that there were warnings about the war that existed between Germany and Great Britain. Regardless of these warnings, there were hundreds of people who were confident nothing would happen to the ship. My education was not very strong on the topic of the Lusitania. I was not educated on anything besides the fact that it was a passenger ship. There was so much belief and trust in the Lusitania, that I didn’t second guess on whether or not to board the ship. Walter Schwiegar talked about the warning and stated that they all said “Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany…and Great Britain…and that travelers sailing in the war zone on…

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