Essay on The Tragedy Of The Holocaust

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As the world moves farther and farther away from the tragic events of the Holocaust, there is still an unanswered question that lingers strongly with humankind; what was the thought process behind this mass genocide? This debate has been classified into two ideologies, intentionalism and functionalism. Intentionalism is the thought that Hitler had the plan of this horrific mass genocide with him even before World War Two began. On the other side, Functionalists believe that Hitler relied on a chaotic political atmosphere and opportunists for the Holocaust to prevail. While the position of intentionalism is reasonable from the standpoint that Hitler had an ever-present will to exterminate the Jews, it suffers greatly in the sense that there is a lack of evidence that one cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The functionalist standpoint compensates for the lack of evidence, providing a solid reasoning for the Holocaust. Due to the lack of all around evidence, from Hitler, to the timing of execution plans and the perspective of the Jews, it has become apparent that the role of functionalism is how the Holocaust evolved.

As some believe, the intentionalist mindset of Hitler during this horrific time period is the most valid and easiest to define. As stated by Roger Draper in his book, Decoding the Holocaust, it was formed by “Nazi Racial Ideology”. This simply means that all the Nazis blamed the Jews for the substantial defeat in World War One and the great economic…

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