The Tragedy Of The Holocaust Essay example

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On January 30, 1933 the holocaust had began. The holocaust had caused about five to six million deaths. Now in 2015 we have a risk of the holocaust beginning again, we have a man who thinks he’s so powerful because he is very rich. Donald Trump is a candidate for wanting to run for president for 2016 and it disgusts me even mentioning him. Trump has said many many things that just doesn’t even look good for our future and government, he started off blaming mexicans/latinos for causing problems in the government, blaming our race that we ship drugs, saying we are rapists, calling us many disgusting names, and not even having a bit of ounce of regret on what he had said. Trump wants to make United States better with kicking mexicans out of the US and have our citizenships and resident cards taken away but how will that even change a bit of the United States.Just imagine America without mexicans, there’s still going to be “rapists”, drugs, criminals, and killers. This just shows how Trump is starting to look like Hitler because he’s starting to want people to not like mexicans.
Donald Trump had made a huge statement on wanting muslims to be identified by wear a badge like the Jews around their arm. Remind you of someone? Hint Hint, Hitler. Trump is using racism to get power but how does the color of our skin or anyone’s skin going to help our nation become better. Trump was saying a speech on how he would bomb Syria and Iraq for the problem with terrorism to be over with but…

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